The twins turn 2

 Last September 13, 2020, Tom and Tim turned 2.  This time, they can sing their own birthday song, they can count 1-10, can say more than 20 words, responds when their names are called, and play with each other most of the time. We started dreaming and praying for a family and God gave us two lovely sons. Looking back at the trials we had to experience just gives us the strength to go on and continue to eb grateful for the mall and huge things God has blessed us. We shared dinner with our friends and celebrated their special day with our hearts full of happiness and thanksgiving. May you both grow in God's faithfulness.

Moment of Impact

Moment of Impact (Car Accident) An experience of rear-end collision last February 14. I was driving and while waiting to merge into a road, a Toyota Tundra bumped our car. My husband was sitting on the front seat while the twins were on their carseats at the back. When we were hit, it was like the world suddenly stopped and then went into slow motion. I literally felt every microsecond as I saw my glasses being thrown against the windshield. Thereafter, the world has lost its sound, it noise, I could not hear anything. Then I looked at my husband who looked fine but was just staring somewhere, he was not saying anything. I guess he felt that the time also stopped. Then slowly I turned my eyes to my 17-month-old babies. The first thing I thought that I have to check is that if there were blood or broken glasses anywhere, I did not see anything. I could see Timothy was crying but I can barely hear it. Then I looked at Thomas and he was crying too. Dizziness. When I was a

Twins? Yes, our hands are full and our hearts too.

      Blessings just come in many shapes and forms. Once you have it, cherish every bit of it. I have dreamed of becoming a mother, prayed so hard and finally, God granted it.        After delivering Tom and Tim, I always heard people telling me that babies just grow too fast so I have to enjoy every moment. I casually replied to them with a nod and a smile without really knowing what they meant. All I can feel during that time were the sleepless nights, constantly sterilizing feeding bottles, feeding the twins, patiently waiting for their burp after every feeding session, changing nappies, bathing and all other kinds of stuff that new mothers do.       Twins? Yes, our hands are full and our hearts too.        Now that they are 16 months old, I realized that when they were newborns, my plate was so full in addition to the anxiety that I felt--wondering if I would ever be a good (enough) mother to the twins and how would I do that. Because of this reason, I did not trul

Challenge: Feeding Premature Newborn Twins

Challenge: Feeding Premature Newborn Twins         Tom and Tim are now 15 months old, they eat solid foods of course, rice, veggies and fruits. I can still remember when they were newborns, they were born premature. I started experiencing labor contractions at 31 weeks of my pregnancy. Doctors kept me on complete bed rest, tablets and injections just to buy some time for the twins and then I delivered them via CS at 34 weeks.         They were born 1.5 and 1.6 kilogram and we were informed by the doctors that letting them gain weight should be our goal the the next weeks. This goal is challenging considering that the twins are not so goodie sucking yet. We used a couple of techniques just to stimulate them to take 10ml for Tom and 14ml for Tim (computed according to their weights.) We used tissue paper to touch around their faces and ears, we made a piece of cloth a little bit wet and touched a certain part of the their bodies in order to wake them up and remind them t

NEW place for NEW beginnings

NEW place for NEW beginnings My family moved to a new place. We brought the twins to a place that the four of us have never been to. It is a new page indeed. Big tides came over few months ago, but because God is on our side, we have victoriously overcome. Now, we need to turn over a new leaf and have a fresh start. Tom and Tim: They have adjusted very well with their new room. They have their own crib  which is something new to them and more importantly, coughing or fever instances have greatly been reduced to none. Both can crawl now and Tom starts to make two to three steps without holding to the wall. Tim learned how to clap first then Tom followed. Tom has 5 teeth while Tim has 2. They are twins but they have two different personalities. Moreover, they have achieved their developmental milestones appropriate for their age. It is totally a different work environment and workload but I have considered the long term benefits and the better environment I wou

What makes nursing so special?

When I finished high school, it was considered as the “Nursing Era” of the Philippines. During that time each Filipino family has at least one nursing student. It was thought that nurses abroad really get the best pay so they are able to help their families back home. Honestly this is the main reason that my mother enrolled for this course. As a mother, she did not think of herself but it was the most stable, decent profession she could give me for a more secured future. I really good wanted to become a lawyer. Unfortunately, my parents cannot sustain the financial demands of having a law student in the family. As an effect, I became a nursing student. During the first 2 years, I felt that I was just an ordinary, easy-go-lucky, relaxed type of student. By that said, I mean, I just study when needed. As long as I do not fail, I’m fine. But when my 3 rd year, I began to realize something special in nursing. Grateful mother and son…. My first patient was an o

To the best parents ever.,.

People tend to recognise the full worth of their mothers and fathers when they're gone. This should not be the case. I have the best father and the best mother in the world, I am sure of that. Though they have come from very poor families, they have shown us that we reap more blessings if we sow kindness, hard work and sacrifices. When my father was younger, he used to be a pedlar of many things like wall mirrors and figurines and he also worked as a cleaner in his college campus in order to finish his studies. I used to hear his old stories reminiscing the days when he had soy sauce and oil as viand plus rice, this would serve as his meal for the day because he cannot afford to buy a decent and nutritious food. On the other hand, my mother also strived hard to be able to sustain her studies. She used to sell fruits in exchange of a piece of paper because she said she has a dream of earning a degree even if it seemed so difficult because she came from a large family of fiftee