Everything NEW

My family moved to a new place. We brought the twins to a place they have never been to.
It is a new page indeed. Big tides came over few months ago, but because God is on our side, we have victoriously overcame.
Now, we want if not, need to turn over a new leaf and have a fresh start.
Tom and Tim: They have adjusted very well with their new room. They have their own crib  which is something new to them and more importantly, coughing or fever instances have greatly been reduced to none.
Both can crawl now and Tom starts to make two to three steps without holding to the wall. Tim learned how to clap first then Tom followed. Tom has 5 teeth while Tim has 2. They are twins but they have two different personalities. Moreover, they have achieved their developmental milestones appropriate for their age.
I moved two levels lower than my previous position when I accepted this job. But because I have considered the long term benefits and the better environment I would raise my children at, I …

What makes nursing so special?

To the best parents ever.,.

People tend to recognise the full worth of their mothers and fathers when they're gone. This should not be the case.

I have the best father and the best mother in the world, I am sure of that. Though they have come from very poor families, they have shown us that we reap more blessings if we sow kindness, hard work and sacrifices.

When my father was younger, he used to be a pedlar of many things like wall mirrors and figurines and he also worked as a cleaner in his college campus in order to finish his studies. I used to hear his old stories reminiscing the days when he had soy sauce and oil as viand plus rice, this would serve as his meal for the day because he cannot afford to buy a decent and nutritious food.

On the other hand, my mother also strived hard to be able to sustain her studies. She used to sell fruits in exchange of a piece of paper because she said she has a dream of earning a degree even if it seemed so difficult because she came from a large family of fifteen mem…

When postpartum stage turned Blue: family conflicts

Kurt Thomas and Kurt Timothy were delivered via LSCS at 34 weeks + 5days, around a month premature. Fortunately, we heard their good cries. From the nursery, they were roomed in just 4 hours after the operation.

Having a newborn is such a priceless and delightful feeling of every mother, just imagined how overwhelmed was I having two sweet little babies. However, this stage also spells out different things like sleepless nights, long hours waiting for him to burp, diaper change, frequent feeding as much a possible. Above all of these is my post CS wound that is very painful in whatever position I put myself. 
My husband works away from home so he comes once in 1-6weeks. I have to do everything on my own. Learning how to be a first time mother and deal with the excruciating pain of my wound.
My mom and I worked together in developing a routine in taking care of the twins. But my mom needs to go back to work so my mom-in-law replaced her. Long story cut short, my mom in law  got tired o…

it is a twin pregnancy

Gilbert and I were married last 2016, got pregnant after a year but miscarried. In 2018, we learned we got pregnant with TWINS. Though we were not surprised because we have twin relatives on both sides, still the idea of having 2 babies inside my tummy is not sinking in yet.
February 14, Valentine's Day of 2018, we heard the first heartbeats of the babies. We were not able to hear it during our first pregnancy so this is a big deal for both us. Tears just fell, as we are in awe of what we are hearing.
I started to the little ones inside me thereafter. I told them not make me vomit because I have read moms of twins experiencing double the symptoms and hardships of morning sickness. indeed, they did not make me feel I am pregnant with twins at all, except for having a much bigger baby bump than other mother's with the same age of gestation as I do.
At 14weeks, I have known the gender of the twins already. However, my husband does not. I have told him while we were inside the ca…